It’s official: Obama has picked Merrick Garland as his Supreme Court nominee. Senate Republicans have repeatedly said they will not hold a hearing no matter who the nominee is and that “the people” should decide. But the people are clearly telling the Senate they want the Senate to #DoYourJob and consider the nominee.

A recent poll found that by “a 19 point margin, voters say they’re less likely to vote for a senator who refuses to consider a nominee to the Supreme Court this year,” and that “they really don’t want any of the Republican front runners for President making the call.”

A Wall Street Journal poll found last week that a nationwide majority of voters disapprove of Senate Republicans’ plans not to consider President Obama’s nominee.

A CNN poll similarly found that 66% of voters say the Senate should give Obama’s nominee a hearing, and that includes 67% of Republicans, 69% of Independents, and 60% of Democrats.

Last month Rasmussen – a polling firm that tends to have a conservative bias – found that 53% disagree with the Senate Republicans’ plan to “reject or refuse to consider” the nomination.

And what happens if Senate Republicans don’t listen to their voters? They could lose their majority. The Republicans hold a 54 – 46 lead over Democrats in the Senate. But in the closest races, voters are clearly saying they want the Senate to consider the nominee:

  • Pennsylvania: 76/20 of all voters, and 67/27 of Republicans
  • Ohio: 74/18 of all voters, and 63/32 of Republicans
  • New Hampshire: 78% of all voters, and 66 % of Republicans
  • Wisconsin: 76% in Wisconsin, and 66% of Republicans
  • Iowa: 66/26, and 50/39, for Republicans
  • Arizona: 69/25, and 56/35 for Republicans
  • North Carolina: 66/25, and 54/38 for Republicans
  • Missouri: 66/24, 52/37, for Republicans

Moreover, majorities of voters in all eight states say they’re less likely to re-elect their senator if he or she fails to consider a nominee.

So #DoYourJob or lose your job. And your majority.