The corporate media are obsessed with saying that Hillary is unpopular and untrustworthy. They repeat it with a zeal that betrays their desire to create reality rather than report on it. But in their single-minded focus on that relatively meaningless data point, they ignore other more noteworthy stats. Like this one: Only 37% of Americans think Donald is qualified to be president.

General election polls during the summer are snapshots with limited predictive value. Which is why we only reference them on occasion. This happens to be one:

Being qualified for the most important job in the world is a prerequisite for getting it.

Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. He lacks the experience, temperament, judgment, knowledge, character and stability to hold that office.

Aching for a horse race and endemically hostile to Hillary, the national media will gloss over that fact in favor of obsessing over her “likability.”

It’s encouraging to know that the American public sees through Donald’s act and overwhelmingly deems him unqualified for the position he seeks:

59 percent of Americans see [Hillary Clinton] as qualified to serve as president, vs. just 37 percent who say the same about Trump. (It’s similar among registered voters, 56 vs. 39 percent, respectively.) That puts Trump’s qualifications rating in line with those of Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle and Ross Perot in years past. And she leads him by a much wider margin, 31 points, on who has the better personality and temperament to serve effectively, a result that’s essentially unchanged in the past two months.