It cannot be clearer: Hillary is winning the Democratic nomination by every measure, and superdelegates have nothing to do with her success. Remove every last one of them today, decide the election on pledged delegates alone, and she’d win the nomination by a comfortable margin. But Bernie is intentionally muddying the waters to distract from his defeat.

There is so much overwrought and wrongheaded commentary about superdelegates that we figured we’d make something crystal clear: Bernie is the only candidate asking superdelegates to overturn the will of the people.

We repeat: Hillary is winning the popular vote and she’s winning pledged delegates by a wide margin. She is the unquestioned choice of the people — without a single superdelegate.

From FiveThirtyEight:

Realistically, if you throw everything together, the math suggests that Sanders doesn’t have much to complain about. If the Democratic nomination were open to as many Democrats as possible — through closed primaries — Clinton would be dominating Sanders. And if the nomination were open to as many voters as possible — through open primaries — she’d still be winning.

There have been far too many excuses for Bernie’s defeat. The superdelegate excuse is just another one. And like all the others, it has no basis in reality.

At some point, dignity and decency require that Hillary is given her due for running a winning campaign in the face of a withering assault on her character.

This superdelegate absurdity needs to stop already.

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)