Our team on the ground in Cleveland put together this chilling video of Donald’s “Death, Destruction, Terrorism, and Weakness,” which tells the ugly tale of the Republican convention.

Scenes of person-on-the street interviews with convention attendees outside the convention are interspersed with clips of what was happening inside the convention hall.

Terrible things said about President Obama, Hillary Clinton, women, brown people, and LGBTx people outside the convention center; speakers saying horrible things about Hillary and marginalized people inside. Lots of chanting about how Hillary needs to be imprisoned. And, then, finally, clips from Donald’s speech, culminating in his screaming “I am your voice!”

This is a stunning historical document of what happened at this convention. We grieve that this is where we are, but we are also proud to have been a part of documenting this very alarming moment. We’re on a precipice, with an important choice before us.

This video documents one of our options, in a very stark and very important way. Because a vote for Donald isn’t just a vote for Trump. It’s a vote for all of this.

[Melissa McEwan and Peter Daou contributed to this article.]