What is it with Republicans and their tasteless jokes about military service?

First we get Donald Trump, who kids that he’s “always wanted” a Purple Heart, and now we have Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk making a PTSD joke while on the campaign trail with Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

First, Kirk says, “I think that the Governor and I both suffer from, forgive the humor, a form of PTSD. Post Trump Trauma Disorder. Yeah.”

Kasich adds, “Make sure you note that he said it, not me. I don’t want to answer calls for the next week, okay?”

Kasich doesn’t want any part of Kirk’s “humor,” possibly because Kasich understands that post-traumatic stress disorder is a very serious condition — one that is common among U.S. veterans.

The “joke” is even more offensive in light of the fact that Kirk has embellished his own military experience on more than one occasion.

  • Kirk said he was repeatedly “deployed” to Afghanistan. But according to the Chicago Tribune, he was “referring to two-week training missions as part of his annual reservist requirements.”
  • Kirk also lied several times about being in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He wasn’t.
  • He also claimed he was in Operation Desert Storm. He wasn’t.

If only Sen. Kirk had enough respect for the military to stop making light of it.

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