Faced with the prospect of a President Trump, some Republicans are finding that they’ll do the formerly unthinkable—vote for Hillary.

As Donald Trump has inched ever closer to the Republican nomination, many Republicans who take issue with his objectionable style have been scrambling to figure out how to derail his campaign.

“Anyone but Trump” has become an increasingly familiar mantra, but with Trump’s commanding delegate lead and the possibility of an end-run at a brokered convention threatening to tear the party apart, it’s looking increasingly clear that the likely Democratic nominee will be the only “anyone else” left standing.

As Republicans watch Hillary Clinton—one of the most feared and reviled figures of the conservative right—emerge as the likely Democratic nominee, some of them are beginning to consider doing the formerly unthinkable: Vote for Hillary.

In the New York Daily News, Rick Wilson, a “diehard Republican,” who says he himself could never vote for Clinton, writes that he’s beginning to understand why polls are showing many Republicans are now “considering pulling the lever for the former secretary of state.”

Wilson details a theory that a terrible Hillary Clinton presidency will help unite the Republican Party against the rising Trump movement—a theory about which I have my doubts—but he also notes that Hillary’s character and competency is superior to Trumps, with which I strongly agree.

The biggest reason to choose Clinton over Trump is character. I’ve never liked Hillary much, and in fact I’ve worked against her since 1999, when I served as a strategist for Rudy Giuliani’s short-lived Senate campaign against her. But unlike Trump, she won’t be a vengeful, juvenile bully with poor impulse control, a short attention span and the codes to 7,700 nuclear weapons. …She’ll make a lot of wrong decisions, but they’ll be wrong because of caution, calculation and philosophy, not because of ignorance and instability. It makes a difference.

It certainly does. It’s the difference between being qualified for the US presidency and being totally unfit for the office.

The choice is clear. And it’s even becoming clear to Republicans who once upon a time couldn’t have imagined a scenario in which they’d cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)