The Bernie-or-Bust contingent of Bernie Sanders supporters constitutes a minority of his supporters, which will continue to shrink in the coming days and weeks. And within that group is another minority of people, who engage in the vicious harassment of any woman who doesn’t conform to their will. Their latest target? Sen. Elizabeth Warren – for endorsing Hillary Clinton.

Throughout the primary, a segment of self-described Bernie supporters trolled Hillary voters using threats, harassment, and misogyny. If called on their use of slurs and sexist narratives to talk about Hillary, or her supporters, the refrain was always the same: “I’m not a misogynist! I like Elizabeth Warren!”

This was always a transparent deflection, obvious to anyone who has spent any time engaging with sexist people who tokenize one woman in order to justify their rhetorical assaults on other women.

It was made abundantly clear that this was indeed the case all along, when Warren did the unthinkable (to them) and endorsed Hillary.

The responses to every tweet about her endorsement are littered with sexism and express disgust. Ditto regarding the comments on any article about it. Warren’s Facebook page, which hasn’t even been updated with a post about her endorsement, is full of comments on unrelated posts calling her a traitor and a sellout — and worse.

Some of the comments aren’t even re-publishable. There are, of course, a lot of comments supporting her endorsement — but her page has been inundated with attacks like these:

You betrayed everything you claimed to stand for and will never live it down. You betrayed us and your ranting against Trump while coddling up to the corporate queen will not provide cover for your betrayal.

Figures. Thanks for nothing sellout.

You betrayed us, Elizabeth. 

You are dead to the Progressive movement, Elizabeth.

You should stop lecturing people on ethics. Look in the mirror. You have none. Sellout.

Lots of people have been very disappointed to discover that “Elizabeth Warren” is an actual human being, and not a magical incantation that deflects charges of obvious sexism.

Her grave transgression was being a liberal Democratic senator who endorsed a liberal Democratic presidential candidate – after she’d already won their party’s nomination.

She was only their hero when she was silent. There isn’t a more perfect, terrible example of what sexism looks like than that.

Thankfully, these individuals represent a very small minority. Sadly, they are harming Bernie and millions of his sincere progressive voters.