Last December, after becoming executive editor of BNR and CEO of its parent company True Blue Media, I began the process of getting to know this amazing community of one million+ people.

Over the past eight months, the BNR team has produced some of the most widely shared political content of any media publication in the U.S, from news articles and personal essays to investigative reports, videos and graphics.

  • This piece on Hillary Clinton’s ethics is the most popular article about Hillary of the entire campaign, with more than half a million shares and counting.
  • Our video from the Republican National Convention has nearly ten million views on Facebook and is among the most watched summaries of the GOP convention.
  • We’ve created several top national hashtags, including #PresidentObamaNotBarry and #TrumpSpeechIn4Words.
  • We were the first to call Trump’s full pivot to white nationalism, which we did several days before he hired Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon.

On issue after issue, BNR has challenged conventional wisdom, questioned longstanding false frames, cut through traditional media talking points and provided actionable analysis of this unpredictable election cycle.

And every step of the way, our dedicated community has provided essential feedback, spread the word, and helped shape the national conversation. We’re exceptionally proud of the work we’ve done together.

Now comes the next phase in True Blue Media’s goal to build the premiere media platform for people who share Blue America’s worldview.

In September, we are launching Shareblue, our flagship site. Our Facebook community is now Shareblue and our Twitter account is @shareblue, which we invite you to follow.

Shareblue logo 2016

In October, we plan to introduce a new polling and predictive modeling destination created by Anthony Reed of Benchmark Politics.

Meanwhile, all BNR’s content will remain on and all the articles you liked, tweeted and shared will be right where you first found them.

The high levels of engagement with BNR’s content shows there is a need for practical political content that challenges conventional narratives about the people and events shaping our world. With Shareblue, we intend to serve that need, applying the same rigorous editorial standards as we have with BNR, while further expanding our scope of coverage.

Thank you for your continued support!