Election results are certainly the most newsworthy aspect of Super Tuesday. But candidates’ speeches (victory or concession) often give clues to their strategy.

Notably, Bernie’s speech omitted what has recently become a centerpiece of his campaign strategy: a direct shot at¬†Hillary’s integrity with the Wall Street dog whistle. Bernie significantly left that out tonight. Nothing about releasing transcripts, nothing about being in the pocket of Wall Street.

And good for him. It reflects well on his character and it telegraphs where he thinks the race is going. It also keeps any further ammunition out of the hands of Republicans.

Bernie Sanders has made a huge difference in 2016. Although we’ve forcefully rejected his campaign’s unfair and unwarranted attacks on Hillary’s integrity, we still share his progressive values and we know that Democrats will come together to defeat Donald Trump and the GOP.

It’s Hillary’s revolution in 2016, a revolution 227 years in the making.

Not a day too soon.

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)