Those question marks represent the collective mindset of the national media and commentariat as Donald Trump stuns the political world with one unhinged statement after another.

Something fishy is going on with Donald, something more than just a bloviator mouthing off, more than just a self-obsessed braggart playing president on the national stage.

My colleague Melissa McEwan opines: “Remember when he said that thing about how he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still win? Maybe he’s testing that thesis.” She adds: “If Trump is really trolling us, it’s some Andy Kaufman-level stuff.”

Is this about the Overton Window? Is Donald moving the needle on what is acceptable in the public sphere to the far right?

Or is this about toying with the national media, who continue (astonishingly) to give Hillary worse coverage?

It it about goading his supporters and laying the groundwork for violent extremism?

Is it about trolling the American people for sport?

Or is this really Donald Trump unraveling before our eyes, a shallow man out of his depth, a weak temperament coming apart in the pressure cooker of a national campaign?

Whatever it is, something feels fishy; it feels like we’re getting played. And we need to pay careful attention. Complacency is dangerous in these circumstances.

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