BNR has endorsed Hillary Clinton and has actively defended her against unfair character attacks. As progressive Democrats, we also admire Bernie Sanders and agree with the progressive values he espouses.

In recent days and weeks, we’ve raised concerns about the Sanders campaign directly accusing Hillary of being corrupted by financial industry contributions, an attack we call the Wall Street dog whistle. If Bernie’s campaign and his supporters intend to smear Hillary with evidence-free innuendo and insinuations, then it’s only fair for him to answer questions about factual issues like the NRA, F-35 and Sierra Blanca.

Speaking of Sierra Blanca, Bernie’s top aide today dodged a question about Bernie’s late 90s push to create a nuclear waste dump in a low income Latino community in West Texas.

Progressive activists and their allies in Congress at the time, like Sen. Paul Wellstone, strongly opposed the bill that Bernie co-sponsored, arguing that the dump wasn’t environmentally suited to handle nuclear waste and that the town was chosen because it didn’t have the means to fight back.

When CNN host Jake Tapper asked Tad Devine about the issue on his CNN program on Tuesday, Devine dodged. “The only dump that’s going on here is an oppo dump, okay, right before a primary,” he said. Watch the clip:

To learn the facts about Sierra Blanca, browse this Twitter hashtag.