Ted Cruz completely ignored a gay Republican’s question about what he would do about “institutionalized discrimination” against LGBT Americans. This isn’t the first time he’s tried to hide his more extreme views – like his anti-marriage equality stance – from national audiences. 

Ted Cruz tends to tone down his rhetoric and avoid any discussion focusing on his more extreme views when he’s on national television or addressing more moderate audiences.

It’s no surprise that Cruz tried to play it safe again in a recent town hall-style interview with ABC’s Good Morning America. This time, though, it didn’t go well for him – a gay man in the audience, describing himself as a “life-long Republican” leaning towards Trump, asked Cruz what he would do to protect him and his husband from the kind of “institutionalized discrimination” in anti-LGBT laws in North Carolina and Mississippi.

Cruz danced around the question by filibustering about the First Amendment and his mission to protect religious liberty but never told the audience member how he really feels about gay rights.

He also didn’t mention that he set up a “religious liberty council” that many believe will enable the very anti-LGBT discrimination the questioner was concerned about. What’s more, Cruz also conveniently omitted the fact that he supports North Carolina’s LGBT discrimination law and that two members of his council were instrumental in its creation.

In response, GMA host George Stephanopoulos highlighted Cruz’s record, noting that he still supports overturning the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage. “So what would that mean for couples like Todd and his husband who already are married?” he asked.

Again, Cruz ignored the question and didn’t go into his extreme views on gay marriage. He simply said he wants to leave the issue to the states.


(Photo: ABC/Good Morning America)