The more Hillary’s foes attack her, the stronger she gets. That’s not hyperbole, it’s reality. This is my letter of gratitude to every person whose blind rage at Hillary empowers her and her supporters to fight harder — and to win.

Dear Hillary Haters,

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You are one of the reasons I fight so hard for Hillary. You are one of the reasons millions of her supporters fight so hard for her.

Hillary is living proof that love and kindness are stronger than hate and division.

Witnessing that principle in action means everything to me; it gives me hope. I thank you for giving Hillary the opportunity to show my kids that positive energy triumphs over negative. There are few greater lessons in life.

I watch my former boss endure, and endure, and endure. And I watch you stew, and stew, and stew.

I watch you bash her, screech at her, slime and smear her. She just smiles, shrugs it off, and moves forward. Doing, while you’re yelling. Accomplishing, while you’re screaming. Living, while your rage eats you alive.

You get louder, angrier — and still she’s calm. Still she laughs and smiles.

That destroys you.

Thank you, Hillary haters, thank you. For showing the world how strong she really is. For providing contrast that makes her discipline and integrity shine even brighter.

Thank you for losing to her. Thank you for being so willing to humiliate yourself in the service of giving resolve to her supporters.

Thank you for living in a state of hate so that we can see the value of forgiveness and love even more clearly.

Thank you, Hillary haters, thank you.

hrc portrait june 7