America has never heard this crashing noise before. It’s the sound of the gender barrier breaking, of the highest glass ceiling shattering, of institutional gender bias resisting conquest — and losing. 

November 8th will be the culminating moment, but the process is happening now: With each passing day, Hillary is powering forward in the face of a furious assault on her lifesaving foundation, her private email communications, her health, her family, her integrity. She is wrestling the monumental forces of misogyny and gaining the upper hand.

America has never been here before. We’ve never heard these thunderous noises. We’ve never navigated this terrain.

And we’ve never witnessed a candidate endure such a vicious double standard, such unrestrained attacks by the establishment media.

This is the process of smashing the ultimate gender barrier, this intense grind forward, this fury raining down on Hillary, this uncontrolled maligning of a powerful, dignified woman.

The conquest of institutional bias doesn’t happen in one day. Election Day is the climactic moment, but now is the time the glass is beginning to shatter and the shards are crashing down.

Hillary’s supporters shouldn’t lose heart — if anything, they should realize that the more ferocious the attacks, the louder the cacophony of lies, hate and smears, the more cracks are appearing in the glass ceiling.

Melissa McEwan describes what we’re seeing as the “desperate attempt to put band-aids on those cracks in the vain hope of keeping the ceiling intact.”

That desperation, that intensity will increase even further, as 227 years of history boils down to six weeks.

She’s ready. We’re ready.

[Updated 8/25/16]