“Words can have tremendous consequences,” Hillary reminds us, with her usual dignity and tenacity, while Donald spews dangerous words day in and day out.

At the Democratic convention, Michelle Obama delivered a terrific address, which contained this extraordinary line on dealing with bullies and bigots: “When they go low, we go high.”

That is such a beautiful sentiment – but it’s not always easy to live up to, especially in politics. Especially when dealing with someone like Donald, whose low seemingly knows no bounds.

And yet, no matter how low he goes, Hillary goes high.

And she did not separate herself from the legions of other people Donald has rhetorically attacked. Instead, she aligned herself with them, noting that Donald’s shameful disgorgement in her direction was merely the “latest in a long line” of cruel comments, and that “every single one of these incidents shows us that Donald Trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander-in-chief of the United States.”

Anyone who wants the responsibility of the U.S. presidency has to have an undiluted respect for the power of language — a profound sensitivity to the words they use to communicate ideas which will be heard by millions of people.

Words matter, Hillary reminded us. Words can be devastating.

That’s why it’s important to go high. And Hillary does – consistently. She goes high, and she brings the rest of us with her.

That is what a leader looks like.