Hillary is winning. But you wouldn’t know that from the media, who have spent the post-Brexit period giving her the most useless advice imaginable.

Whether it’s giving Hillary advice about how she has to appeal to Donald’s reactionary rightwing base (large parts of which support him specifically because they want to erect and maintain the barriers she wants to break down), or about how she has to appeal to the segment of Bernie’s base who are holding out from supporting her (for many of whom “opposition to Clinton is the basis of their political identity”), pundits are full of helpful, ahem, advice for Hillary.

New York Times reporter Patrick Healy managed to combine a bunch of this hot advice into one hideous piece, but he is hardly alone. Despite Hillary leading Donald by double digits in many national polls following an outstanding general election rollout, one would be forgiven for imagining she is desperately flailing, if one listens to the pundits.

To the absolute contrary, she has a commanding lead in the polls, and her general election strategy is being executed magnificently and being received extremely well by voters. Democrats are lining up behind her, and she has been endorsed by high-level Republicans including Richard Armitage and Hank Paulson – both of whom have worked inside presidential administrations and thus know what the rigors of the job demand.

Hillary is winning because she’s being Hillary.

And I, for one, am proud – and grateful – that she remains steady and indomitable in the face of garbage advice, much of which is nothing more than cloaked gender bias, because no male candidate with such obvious success would be subjected to condescending lectures on how he needed to do even better; to relentless “advice” that necessarily implies improvement is necessary.

I’m glad that she doesn’t take advice from pundits who have spent the last three decades trying to destroy her.

Why on earth would she? Why would any sensible person take advice from anyone who didn’t have their best interests in mind when offering unsolicited advice?

That Hillary continues to ignore pundits who tell her she needs to be doing something – anything – differently when she’s commandingly winning is further evidence of her strength and wisdom.

The only advice she needs from pundits right now is: Keep doing whatever you’re doing, because it’s clearly working.

Anyone who doesn’t see that isn’t worth her time or attention. And it isn’t worth ours, either.