Hillary is winning because Hillary is energizing more people. But you wouldn’t know that if you listened to those who want to delegitimize her success. 

Hillary is winning because she’s winning. Her supporters have stepped up in overwhelming numbers, giving her millions more votes than her rivals.

This piece struck me:

The Left’s enthusiastic embrace of these tropes and rhetoric props up the narrative that, for a woman to have reached the upper echelons of power in her field, she could only have done so through depravity and deception. Her success is undeserved, and she is therefore unworthy — and dismissing Clinton’s campaign as a “coronation” only gives credence to a culture that has for so long cheered the brutal teardown of accomplished women.

Suggesting the system is “rigged” in Hillary’s favor is a disgraceful tactic designed to steal a ground-breaking achievement from her and her supporters. It’s something Donald Trump has been doing. Regrettably, he’s not alone. The Sanders campaign has worked methodically to convince Bernie’s supporters that Hillary is stealing the nomination.

We will resist any attempts to pretend Hillary’s campaign is any less historic than it is.

Judging from this response to Rachel Maddow, Hillary agrees.