On Tuesday, Katie McGinty became Pennsylvania’s Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. If she wins, she’ll be the first female senator from the state. Less than twelve hours after her victory, the Conservative Club for Growth aired a sexist and misleading ad about her.

Tuesday was a big night for Katie McGinty. The environmentalist and businesswoman who was the first person in her family to attend college became the Democratic nominee to the U.S. Senate. If she defeats Sen. Pat Toomey in November she will become Pennsylvania’s first female senator.

It took less than 12 hours for the conservative Club for Growth to launch a misleading and offensive attack against her. (The Club for Growth was formerly run by Toomey.)

We grabbed a screenshot from the ad to illustrate how McGinty is depicted.

Club for Growth Katie McGinty ad

Sexist insinuations aside, the ad’s claims are seriously misleading. It claims that she “gave millions in grants to her husband’s company,” and that “the McGintys pocketed thousands,” while she was serving as Secretary of Environmental Protection under Governor Ed Rendell. In fact, the organization in question, The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC), is not McGinty’s husband’s company, but a “Top-Rated Green Non-Profit” where McGinty’s husband periodically served as a project consultant.

McGinty’s husband was also never involved in grant-writing at PEC. Additionally, as the Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial noted at the time, “The groups that hired McGinty’s husband received about $4 million in state grants in the four years of Republican administration before McGinty became DEP secretary.”

So, it was just a weak excuse to make a repugnant attack ad about a groundbreaking female candidate.

It’s going to be a long seven months.

[Melissa McEwan contributed to this article.]

(AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)