After tweeting an anti-Semitic Hillary-bashing graphic on the day that Elie Wiesel passed away, Donald finally got around to expressing condolences — a day late.  

Donald’s tweet was posted more than a day after news of Wiesel’s death hit social media. What took so long? He was busy doing this:

Donald Trump tweeted a meme Saturday that used dog-whistle anti-Semitism to announce that his political rival, “Crooked Hillary,” had “made history.” The meme Trump tweeted prominently featured the Star of David — a holy symbol of the Jewish religion that Nazis attempted to pervert by forcing Jews over the age of 6 to sew it onto their clothing during Hitler’s reign.

More from Mic:

Mic discovered Sunday that Donald Trump’s Twitter account wasn’t the first place the meme appeared. The image was previously featured on /pol/ — an Internet message board for the alt-right, a digital movement of neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists newly emboldened by the success of Trump’s rhetoric — as early as June 22, over a week before Trump’s team tweeted it.

Meanwhile, CNN’s Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager, dismissed the image as “a simple star.”

And when Fortune asked campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks about the vetting of the accounts Donald retweets, she replied by saying they “are not vetted, known or of interest to the candidate or the campaign.” Perhaps they should be of interest, unless Donald is fine with being associated with white supremacists.

Which is uncertain, given Hicks’ incredible response when Fortune further asked “whether or not Trump believes that white genocide is a legitimate concern.” Hicks simply refused to answer. That should have been a softball — an easy disavowal. But not for the Trump campaign.

Just another day in the gutter with Donald Trump and his defenders.

[Melissa McEwan contributed to this article.]