At a campaign event in Greensboro, NC, Donald Trump, who apparently spent his afternoon watching a movie marathon of “Kelly’s Heroes” and “Three Kings,” implied that US soldiers who were tasked with “handing out baskets of money” in Iraq stole it and are now “living very well.”

He’ll make up some excuse for this, but no one will buy it. And people have commented that he was slurring his words, which leads one to wonder about the cause.

Here’s the initial reaction:

UPDATE (6/14/16): As predicted, his implausible excuses begin…

UPDATE (6/15/16): The original title included the term “tipsy-tongued” to describe what we and others saw as Donald slurring some words. Our intention was to use the term as an analogy, not a precise explanation of Donald’s behavior. In fact, there may be medical conditions or other reasons for someone to slur their words and to say things that are wildly out of control (like accusing U.S. troops of larceny). No matter what the cause, the American people have a right to know why this man continues to say and do things that demean and degrade the office he seeks.

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)