Donald’s perilous ignorance threatens to undermine the safety of the United States and the stability of the world. His obsequious behavior toward Russia’s Vladimir Putin is raising eyebrows.

Proving the old adage that “flattery gets you everywhere,” Donald has repeatedly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, when Putin has rather transparently damned the GOP’s presidential nominee with faint praise. Putin has described Donald as a “very colorful, talented person,” and Donald has gushed in response, regaling the “great honor,” and praising the autocratic Russian president as “highly respected” and “a leader.”

Donald’s naive and obsequious reactions to Putin’s pick-up lines and his tendency to flirt with dictators because he thinks they’re “strong” betrays his dangerous lack of depth with respect to the fundamentals of our national security.

He is so frighteningly clueless that he is willing to undermine our NATO alliance, exposing the United States and its allies to potential tyranny and increased terrorism, and increasing the likelihood of significant nuclear proliferation.

In his ignorance, Donald has declared to the New York Times, “If we cannot be properly reimbursed for the tremendous cost of our military protecting other countries … then yes, I would be absolutely prepared to tell those countries, ‘congratulations, you will be defending yourself.’”

As noted journalist Christiane Amanpour points out in the video below, NATO protects us all; it is not a financial quid pro quo — one that Donald considers “a street deal.”

Donald is so inexperienced and ill-equipped to be commander-in-chief that his bromantic intuition that he and Putin would “get along very well” has blinded him to the fact that Putin is toying with him.

The weakening of our NATO allies and disengagement by the U.S. will enable Putin to tighten his screws on Ukraine and may expose Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and the entire Balkan region to Russian aggression. As Hillary’s Senior Policy Adviser, Jake Sullivan, stated, “It is fair to assume that Vladimir Putin is rooting for a Trump presidency.”

Despite the danger to our national security, Donald’s advisers (some of whom, including Donald’s campaign director, Paul Manafort, have ties to allies of Putin) successfully weakened the Republican Party’s platform with respect to Ukraine, reneging on a promise to provide aid to the Ukrainians in their struggle against Russian aggression.

If Donald becomes our next president, his game of footsie with pal Putin will threaten the security of the American people and our allies, and will dangerously undermine global stability.

America can’t allow that to happen.

[Peter Daou and Melissa McEwan contributed to this article.]