Best of luck to Clinton bashers who think it’s a politically astute strategy to smear a foundation that saves children’s lives.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, apparently recognizes the folly of attacking a charitable foundation that her own candidate supported with a $100,000 donation. Watch:

Conway has no choice but to admit the truth: The Clinton Foundation is a highly respected and highly rated organization that saves lives.

We’re in the home stretch, and the ‘Stop Hillary’ forces are in full battle mode. That includes the national media, whose coverage (with a few notable exceptions) has been an utter disgrace.

Case in point: Our research shows that the Associated Press has covered Hillary’s emails virtually every day for the past year — meanwhile they scrub then repost Trump puff pieces and publish deceptive stories like this:

The GOP and national media are in a frenzy over Hillary’s emails and her family foundation. But as my friend Armando observes:

No one has ever proved that Hillary has engaged in intentional wrongdoing. All they have is innuendo and insinuation. Her integrity and ethics have carried her through the most ferocious vetting process in history. She’s still standing, still smiling, still winning. That’s who she is.

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