Donald Trump’s “woman card” attack is crashing and burning, but he’s doubling down. That’s good for Hillary — and good for America.

Donald Trump called into the Today Show and was asked about his claim that Hillary is playing the “woman card.” His response: “Hillary wouldn’t even be viable to run a city council position” if she weren’t a woman.

Let’s unpack that: according to Trump, a Yale-educated lawyer, First Lady, U.S. senator, Secretary of State and leading presidential candidate isn’t qualified for city council. Not to mention the laughable premise that Hillary’s gender is an advantage.

Could he be any more demeaning? Any more dismissive of a woman’s accomplishments?


The furious reaction to Trump’s woman card smear should be a warning sign for him, but his attitude toward women is part of his DNA. He can no more change his loathsome rhetoric than a leopard can change its spots.

Trump’s massive deficit with women voters will very likely cost him the general election. At BNR, we will be laser-focused on that gender gap, chronicling every twist and turn of a race where women are front and center in a way they’ve never been before.

The destruction of the ultimate gender barrier is 227 years in the making and it’s a fitting irony that the candidates facing one another are a highly accomplished, widely admired woman and a sexist, bullying man.

Watch Trump on the Today Show:

(Photo: Hillary for America)