For years, Ann Coulter has been a ubiquitous presence in the media saying the unimaginable, from asserting that 9/11 widows enjoyed their husbands’ death to calling for the fragging of a Vietnam veteran. Yet she is repeatedly given a national platform by major media networks.

Today, MSNBC announced they would no longer allow hate peddler/agent provocateur Roger Stone to appear on their network. Progress, right? Nope.

Instead, they invited Ann Coulter on Hardball to defend Donald Trump’s latest abortion stand. She changed the topic from Trump thusly:

“Women are going to need a lot more abortions if we don’t close our border with Mexico and bring in all of Latin American rape culture.”

Watch the clip:

Maybe they’re so used to her, they don’t hear it anymore. Chris Matthews didn’t even react.

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)