The media world is abuzz over Donald Trump’s use of the word “regret.” But if you listen to what he said, it’s just doubling down on hate and bigotry.

This clip is setting the media and political world abuzz:

It’s the classic Trump-media dynamic: He says “jump” they say “how high?” He wants them to focus on the word “regret.” And for the most part, they’ll happily oblige.

But listen to how Trump closes that duplicitous portion of his speech:

“I will always tell you the truth.”

Which I presume includes all of this:

His Alex Jones-style conspiracy-mongering; his meticulously crafted words of incitement and exhortations to violence; his attacks on a federal judge; his description of President Obama as a terrorist (the “founder of ISIS”); his birtherism; his retweets of neo-Nazis; his eliminationist language toward Hillary Clinton; his fierce misogyny and indifference to sexual harassment; his feud with the Khan family; his Muslim ban; his use of anti-Semitic symbols; his embrace of torture; his capriciousness about the proliferation and use of nuclear weapons; his praise for dictators; his flirtations with Putin; his welcoming of Russian cyber-espionage; his undiluted xenophobia; his purity tests; his racist dog whistles (“look at my African-American”); his infamous border wall and relentless anti-Mexican bigotry; his claims of a “rigged” election; his unconcealed calls for voter intimidation; his refusal to disavow ties to white supremacists.

Trump is doubling down on all of that, and more. To him, that’s the “truth.”

This expression of “regret” is a cheap ploy for gullible reporters. Let’s see who buys it. Here’s one who doesn’t:

UPDATE (8/19/16): Trump is already waffling on his much-touted “regret.”

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