Donald Trump incited violence against Hillary, endangering her life and her Secret Service detail, among others. Now he turns his focus to President Obama, calling him the “founder of ISIS” — thus creating a clear threat to the President from unstable individuals who take Trump’s words as triggers. 

The absence of overwhelming and unequivocal repudiation of Trump by the GOP and national media effectively normalizes his tyrannical behavior.

And Trump knows it. Which is why he keeps pushing and pushing and pushing the envelope. There are no serious repercussions, there is none of the wildly obsessive coverage Hillary gets if she breathes the wrong way. He can get away with anything because the national media let him.

A day after he threatened Hillary’s life, no major media site is leading with the story.

So now we get this:

Anyone who enables Donald Trump’s audacious fomenting of violence should consider the lives he has put at risk. And they should think about how their reaction (or lack thereof) impacts those lives as well.

Yes, I’m talking to you, national media.