It has become abundantly clear to anyone who follows U.S. politics that #TrumpCouldSay pretty much anything with relative impunity. 

Not a single word out of Trump’s mouth — no matter how unhinged or outrageous — has resulted in nearly the same intensity of coverage as have emails Hillary Clinton received and responded to a half decade ago.

Even with Trump attacking a Gold Star family, calling on Russia to conduct espionage against the U.S., inciting violence against Hillary and calling President Obama the “founder of ISIS,” our craven corporate press just can’t break their Hillary email addiction.

Within 24 hours of his call to have Hillary assassinated, no major media website featured Trump’s dangerous and disqualifying comment as their top story.

But they clearly know what’s going on:

After Trump called our sitting president the “founder” of a leading terrorist organization then doubled down on it, major media outlets scrambled to “fact check” the claim, boldly pronouncing that President Obama was not, in fact, the founder of ISIS.

And cable nets then proceeded to devote yet more airtime to Hillary’s emails.

So here’s where we stand: Thanks to egregiously awful national media coverage and an utter lack of principle among Republican leaders — who don’t have the guts to fully repudiate Trump — we’ve ended up with an election where #TrumpCouldSay anything and get away with it.

It is truly abominable.