After Donald Trump promoted his strong man Paul Manafort, who believes the US Presidency is “the ultimate reality show,” to a prominent role as campaign chairman and chief strategist, one of Manafort’s first orders of business was reassuring GOP Congressional officials that Trump is a solid candidate.

It’s remarkable enough that a Republican presidential nominee would need to convince party leaders that he’s a solid candidate in the first place, but, Manafort also promised that Trump would—and could—change his behavior.

Manafort also reinforced a message that Trump delivered to GOP senators last week: That Trump realizes that Republicans are concerned with the tone and tenor of his campaign. When asked about Trump’s high negatives, Manafort said it was the result of the Republican primary and that Trump’s “behavior can be changed.”

Promising that Trump’s “behavior can be changed” is a tacit admission by his own campaign chief that Trump’s behavior is a problem.

Looks like Manafort agrees with Hillary: Trump isn’t qualified to be president. At least not until his behavior changes.

Problem is, during the same meeting, Manafort also “insisted that his power is limited: Trump, he said in so many words, is going to be Trump.”

(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)