As one of Hillary’s staunchest advocates (former adviser, HillaryMen co-founder, and BNR editor) I’ve spent the past year deep in the muck with hardcore Hillary bashers. I’ve wallowed in endless anti-Hillary memes and batted back thousands of mindless personal insults. I’ve waded through interminable threads overflowing with tedious talking points: Shillary, Wall Street sell-out, warmonger, liar, and on and on and on ad nauseum.

At this point I can’t find enough words in the English language to describe how banal I find this Hillary hate. There is so little actual thought behind it, so little logic, so little factual basis. It’s just about joining the herd.

During my decade in the entertainment business, I had the privilege of working on tracks by pioneering artists like Bjork and Miles Davis. What I learned is that you’re never more out than when you’re trying to be in. The legends never follow trends, they defy them.

Hillary trolling is the quintessential example of trying too hard to be cool. It’s so last century. Scripted Hillary hate is a relic of old GOP dirty tricks from the nineties, brought back to life in the digital age and converted into a pretend revolution.

And it’s excruciatingly unoriginal.