The truth is undeniable: Bernie Sanders and his surrogates have relentlessly gone after Hillary’s character, insinuating that she is corrupt. She has not reciprocated. That is the crux of our disagreement with Bernie, whose values and positions we are largely aligned with. Now, as he flails at Hillary even more wildly, the facts of his misleading character attacks are finally seeing the light of day. 

Yesterday, BNR wrote the following:

The video of Hillary saying, “I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I’m sick of it,” is an important inflection point in the 2016 campaign. Hillary responded the way she did for a reason. That reason matters. It’s because her opponent keeps implying she’s corrupt without providing an iota of evidence to support that awful claim. If it takes Hillary responding the way any person would to finally bring Bernie’s actions to light, then we welcome it.

Here’s the Washington Post’s fact-checker giving Bernie “Three Pinocchios” and confirming our view:

The Sanders campaign is exaggerating the contributions that Clinton has received from the oil and gas industry. In the context of her overall campaign, the contributions are hardly significant. It’s especially misleading to count all of the funds raised by lobbyists with multiple clients as money “given” by the fossil-fuel industry. [Emphasis added]

As we’ve argued, Bernie sees the writing on the 2016 wall. So do his senior advisers. But rather than go positive and unite the party, they’ve clearly decided to spend the money they’ve raised and traverse the path of maximum negativity — the path that conservatives have tried and failed with Hillary.

It’s a losing strategy and will only further denude Bernie’s well-honed image.

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)