Donald Trump and Ted Cruz spent last night trading barbs about each other’s wives — and Mitt Romney joined the fray today.

Not to be outdone, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney jumped into the fray at a National Republican Congressional Committee dinner, saying, “Donald Trump has had several foreign wives. It turns out that there really are jobs Americans won’t do.”

This is a good time to remember that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have absolutely terrible policies for—and attitudes toward—women. And so did Mitt Romney when he was running for office, even in spite of his “binders full of women, any of whom presumably could have provided him with some better policy ideas.

The posturing in which these men are engaging is not funny. It’s an appalling display by chauvinists who are hostile to women’s agency.

Given half a chance, their disrespect for women will extend to every woman in the nation.

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)