Pennsylvania’s Sen. Pat Toomey is running for reelection in a state with two urban centers on the ends and conservative, rural towns in the middle. He says a lot of outrageous things in an attempt to straddle those constituencies.

Pat Toomey is in the fight of his life. He’s running for reelection to the Senate in a year where Donald is steadily pulling the rest of the ticket down with him, and Hillary is exciting her base — especially women.

Women don’t like Pat Toomey. Maybe it’s his numerous votes to defund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare, or his absurd dance on gun background checks, where he tries to have it both ways. Maybe it’s the moralizing, hectoring tone he so often takes on issues important to us.

Personally, I don’t like Pat Toomey, not even a little. He’s the senator who obstructed funding for the safety system that would have prevented last year’s Amtrak crash. And so many voters have told me stories about calling his office to register their opposition to pending legislation — his staffers famously go on offense, ridiculing callers or even telling them they’re stupid. That kind of attitude comes from the top.

He’s an anti-tax extremist who has mastered the art of presenting himself as a moderate to survive. Except now, after months of sidestepping, he’s finally embraced Donald Trump. (Which is like a drowning man clinging to a cinder block.)

Asked this week by a talk radio host if he agreed with Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) that Hillary Clinton is a bigger threat to foreign policy than Donald Trump, he enthusiastically agreed, saying, “I’ve said Hillary Clinton is completely, permanently unacceptable. We have seen her in office. We have seen what she did. In addition to jeopardizing classified intimation that jeopardizes our security, we’ve seen the decisions that she has made, whether it’s in Libya, whether it is the incredibly failed Russian reset, whether it is, you know, lying to the families of the men who were killed at Benghazi.”

Then he said that while Donald has said some things on foreign policy he didn’t like, “Hillary Clinton’s got a track record of disastrous foreign policy.”

Oh boy. Even if you disagree with every single thing she did, Hillary at the very minimum understands the basics of diplomacy. She knows any statement by a major U.S. political figure quickly ping-pongs across the globe, causing real world consequences. At the very least, she knows how to behave in public — which is something even most toddlers learn eventually.

Can Pat Toomey say the same about Donald? Nope. Not without lying.

Josh Levitt, spokesman for Toomey’s Democratic opponent Katie McGinty, reminds us that Toomey is someone who lines up with the Tea Party on key issues. “Toomey is a longtime advocate for privatizing Social Security, cutting Medicare, and defunding Planned Parenthood — even voting with Ted Cruz to shut down the government to do so,” he said.

Yep. The Tea Party wave that swept him into office in 2010 is now a liability. The majority of voters don’t want extremists — they want someone who’s going to help fix things.

McGinty (who’s beating Toomey in the latest polls), reacted to his statement with one of her own. “Pat Toomey is so committed to the Trump-Toomey ticket that he’s even willing to argue against Tom Ridge about national security. Let’s be clear: Pat Toomey is wrong. Donald Trump is a national security threat, and he cannot be the president of the United States.”

She pointed out that many high-ranking national security officials from the Bush administration are warning that our security will be put at risk if Donald Trump reaches the White House.

“But Pat Toomey is so extreme and out of the mainstream, he’s backing Trump, anyway.”

She’s right.