Donald Trump has spent his entire life not treating women as his equals. And now he’s getting a face full of women who aren’t afraid to confront him, won’t be intimidated by his juvenile bullying, and can run circles around him: Hillary Clinton, Michelle ObamaElizabeth Warren — and now Republican Christine Todd Whitman is joining the chorus.

Hillary’s brilliant takedown of Donald during her foreign policy address in San Diego has set the gold standard for what an effective rhetorical strike on him looks like.

But, Hillary is not alone in her willingness to take on the fraud that is Donald Trump.

Elizabeth Warren is no slouch, having engaged in an epic Twitter war with him. She let loose on Donald once more, telling Democrats at the Massachusetts state party convention that he is: An insecure money-grubber, scary, loud, outrageous, offensive, small, a failure, fraudster-in-chief, a union-buster, and a climate change denier.

But what do you really think, Senator?

“Here’s a man who builds a business to profit off other peoples’ pain. He wants to be Commander-in-Chief, but he’s only qualified to be Fraudster-in-Chief.”

Warren added she’s proud of the Democratic Party. “Proud,” she said, “that we are a party that doesn’t debate over who has the tiniest hands or who can build the longest, tallest, stupidest wall between us and Mexico.”

Meanwhile, during an interview with Joy Ann Reid on AM Joy, Republican former New Jersey Governor and EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman laid out her case against Donald:

“We don’t want, I don’t believe — and I’m not comfortable with — a bully whose path to power is about diminishing people, about demeaning them, about trying to scare people. That’s just not what we want, and it doesn’t bode well, I don’t think, for bringing the country to where we want to be.”

Warren and Whitman have support for their blunt assessments of Donald’s nasty demagoguery — from 2012 Donald Trump, who told Newsmax four years ago that the GOP “will continue to lose presidential elections if it comes across as mean-spirited and unwelcoming toward people of color.”

Well, let’s hope so. Since anyone who is as “mean-spirited and unwelcoming” as Donald has been deserves to lose.

#WomenTrumpDonald from the left.

#WomenTrumpDonald from the right.

#WomenTrumpDonald because the idea that Donald shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office is one that, even in this era of entrenched partisanship, has wide and bipartisan support.

(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)