Donald Trump has spent enough time making the absurd claim that he respects women. Now it’s time for women to push back:¬†#WomenTrumpDonald.

So, here’s what happened: Yesterday, I was just in the middle of reading yet another infuriating article about Donald Trump and his claim that he’s the best candidate for women when my power went out.

And then it stayed out. For hours. With nowhere to direct my growing frustration, I sat down with a pen and paper and started writing a letter to Trump.

That letter is: Dear Donald, From One Pissed Off American Woman.

Immediately, my colleagues and friends started conceiving the letters they’d write to Trump. From a Pissed Off American Mom. From a Pissed Off American Woman of Color.

There is a lot of anger to go around, and you can expect to see more of it in this space, which we will be filing under the hashtag #WomenTrumpDonald.

Because we will Trump him. We see through his transparent braggadocio about how “tremendous” he’ll be for women. We will trump him with our inability to be hoodwinked. We will trump him with our contempt. And when Election Day comes, we will trump him with our votes.