On April 28th, Jane Sanders turned heads when she appeared on Fox News and asked the FBI to speed up their investigation of Hillary’s emails, saying “it would be nice if the FBI moved it along.” Well, she got her wish. And there will be no charges in the case.

Bernie’s post-primary behavior has caused a fair amount of head-scratching. One minute he says he’ll vote for Hillary, the next he’s parsing the meaning of “endorsement.”

As we’ve argued for months, Bernie has squandered significant political capital with this ill-conceived and confusing strategy.

Some have wondered whether he’s been waiting for the email issue to be resolved. Well, the time for conjecture is over. The email issue is no longer a major obstacle on Hillary’s path to history.

Bernie, you can join us now. Follow Elizabeth Warren’s lead. It feels good.


UPDATE: Bernie still can’t bring himself to do it, telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer he’s not ready. (Yawn.)